March 13, 2009

Women In (Sex) Science – Kinsey Style

A week ago a few Kinsey Institute interns and research assistants participated in Indiana University's Women in Science Program's annual research conference.

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A week ago Friday, a few Kinsey Institute interns and research assistants participated in Indiana University’s Women in Science Program’s annual research conference. According to the WISP website,

The Women in Science Research Conference is an annual spring event held in conjunction with Women’s History Month. Undergraduate and Graduate women give poster presentations about their research and compete for the Women in Science Outstanding Research Award. Cash prizes are awarded for best poster presentations in each of the following categories: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Technology. This is a fantastic opportunity for professional development in a familiar setting which will enhance students’ graduate school and employment opportunities.

Research assistants in the Kinsey Institute lab presented current and planned research projects ranging from factors associated with sex-risk taking behavior to a planned study about gender role attitudes within the GLBT community.

The conference is a great way for women participating in science to gain important presentation experience and to learn how to present research to others outside of the sexuality field, who might not be familiar with our buzz words or terminology, like the judges of the WISP conference who were predominately female faculty from across the Indiana University campus.

The conference also allows students to get feedback from professionals about their poster design, presentation skills, and suggestions for how to improve their study’s methodology or data analysis. This was especially useful for me personally, as I was presenting my own research I’m currently working on my for my master’s thesis in public health.

I’d like to encourage our readers interested in sexuality research to check out the WISP website but more broadly, to get their work out there. Apply to present at local, national or international conferences to meet others in the field. Network to form professional relationships that can lead to better research in the future.

There are a million questions to answer about sex and sexuality – and we’re just the people to do it!

Check out our awesome Kinsey Institute staffers and others studying sexuality at the conference in the slideshow.