March 29, 2010

Q&A: Is It Weird That My Penis Points Downward When It’s Erect?

Some men find that their penis points upward. Others have a penis that points straight out, and other men have a penis that points slightly downward.

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Question: I just found out that it’s weird that my penis faces downward when it’s erect. What can I do to make it face upward?

People are often curious about male and female genitals – after all, given that they remain hidden under our clothes, it can be difficult to know what is normal and what is not in terms.

Up or Down

I am not sure where your heard that it is unusual for a man’s penis to point downward, but this is not necessarily the case. Some men find that their penis points upward; others have a penis that points straight out, in a perpendicular angle to their body and other men have a penis that points slightly downward.

As men age and their muscles weaken, the penis often begins to points further down. I don’t know of anything, however, that a man can do to make his penis point further upward.

Variety is the Spice of Life

I would encourage you to spend some time thinking why it matters which way your penis points. If it is just to look like other men, you might remind yourself that there is enormous variation in men’s genitals. Some men have very small erect penises and others have very large erect penises, with most men being somewhere in the middle with an erect penis around 4 to 7 inches long.

There are also considerable differences among men in terms of how thick their penis is, how much semen they produce and the coloring of their genital skin. Even the size of a man’s scrotum and the testicles inside of the scrotum can vary quite a bit.

Taking it to the Bedroom

The direction that your penis points will not necessarily make you a better or a worse lover. People’s bodies fit together in unique ways and if and when you have sex with a partner, you may find it helpful to spend time exploring how your bodies fit together and which sex positions and types of touching are most pleasurable for the both of you.

Additional Information

To learn more about men’s and women’s bodies and sexual exploration, check out The Guide to Getting It On.

  • Kevin

    Though it might not make you a better or worse lover, the direction an erection penis points can influence which sexual positions are comfortable. As man whose erect penis has always pointed up at about 45 degrees, even past age 50, some positions, like the often touted “cowgirl” position where the woman sits upright, bends the penis painfully downwards in relation to my body. When I'm fully aroused, the only positions which are comfortable involve vaginal alignment that is close to the natural angle.