October 15, 2009

VULVAGRAPHICS: In Honor Of Female Genital Diversity

Weekend Exhibit Includes Photography, Crafts, Film, Performance, And A Salon On "Genital Activism"

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Tis the season for body art (see The Shape of Us), and if you are looking for a “new view” on female genitalia, you can find it in NYC the weekend of October 24.   Vulvagraphics, an event organised in NYC by New View Campaign in response to the rise of female genital cosmetic surgery.

According to the good people of the New View, “many women don’t know whether their vulva looks ‘normal,’” and “some women compare their vulva to a perceived norm or ideal, and don’t like how theirs looks.”  There’s not a great opportunity to view other women’s genitals, unless you happen to watch a lot of graphic porn, or you view surgical websites.

Contribute your own vulvar creation to the show

The gallery features photography, drawing, print, craft, video, and film, and the unveiling of the international vulva knitting circle creation – handmade vulvar images created from fabric and yarn, and who knows what!   You needn’t be present to have your creation included!

If you just want to observe, that’s just fine, too.  The gallery is The Change You Want To See at 84 Havenmeyer St, Brooklyn, and dates are  Saturday October 24th: 6-9pm (opening reception & exhibition); Sunday October 25th: 12-6pm (exhibition); 1-3pm (brunch salon).