February 13, 2009

Valentine’s Week Wrap-Up Blog Post

A short update about sexual health in the news this week (of Valentine's Day) and upcoming blogs for next week.

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Despite the holiday, this has been a slow blogging week for us at Kinsey Confidential. Perhaps it’s because we’re working hard on the new site redesign including incorporating our new, fancy logo and more interactive features like widgets for our Twitter and Facebook sites and some other fun, interactive elements.

I’m working on a few more interesting posts for next week on topics that have come up recently in some sexual health presentations. Check those out next week for some fun facts and thoughts on food and sex as well as reflections on my attendance this weekend at the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC) going on this weekend at Indiana University.

Some news stories from the last couple of weeks about sex, gender, and reproduction that you might find interesting:

Kinky Sex On The Rise

ABC news reports that “kinky sex is on the rise” and Violet Blue (a great tech-sex blogger) has some amusing and thought-provoking things to say about that, including pointing out some serious holes in their article.I think maybe the “Human Barbeque” sub-heading is little out of order, and it doesn’t seem like the author talked to many people actually involved in the kink community considering the terms “safe word” and other lingo weren’t used (and thus not defined) in the article. Seeing the word “sex-pert” in print was funny, though. I’m fairly certain I LOLd.

Sexploration: “Profoundly Disturbing”

The head of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati says Sexploration week at the University of Cinncinati (a week of activities focusing on sex education) “profoundly disturbing.” Yikes. I have to say that Indiana University’s Sexploration week last year was great! Full of information for the Indiana University community about sex positivity, sex education, and sexual health that we as a community of sexuality educators and researchers felt was very valuable and necessary for our students and community. Dr. Marty Klein (featured at IU’s Sexploration event last year) also ran into some trouble at Sexploration from a local community group. You can read his blog about the incident and his feelings about the “decency” group (paraphrasing his blog) causing most of the fuss.

Georgia Republicans To Purge University Sexuality Professors

In related university sex news, Senate House Republicans want to “purge” Georgia’s higher education system of professors who focus on sexuality. Bad news for students and faculty! Especially students like me who want to become faculty studying and teaching about sexuality specifically targeted professors who focus on topics like oral sex, prositution and queer theory. The Georgia Board of Regents seems to have some sense and has responded to the attacks by stating that:

“Certainly the mission of higher education is to broaden the field of knowledge and research,” said spokesman John Millsaps. “That covers a lot of topics. Some may be considered to some as controversial, but to others it could be considered needed.”

I’ll be sending some sex-positive vibes to those professors and administrators and higher education who are sticking up for the power of education and learning in the face of attacks like these from legislators.