• Just chiming in to add that in some cases, bleeding after sex may be a sign of cervical infection, possibly due to a sexually transmitted infection. If you haven't been tested recently, it's a good idea to check in with a trusted care provider (check out my fabulous employer http://www.auroramedicalservices.com if you're in the Seattle, WA area). Also, certain types of birth control, like a progesterone-releasing IUD, can make the uterine lining (endometrium) attach more loosely to the uterine wall, meaning it can be jarred loose during intercourse.

  • abyrnes4

    Thank you so much for posting this. it explains my situation perfectly and makes me feel much better.
    I just encountered the same thing two days ago and have been terrified. I was really experiencing pain down their yesterday but nothing really today (a little dryness). I am still bleeding a little bit off and on. I haven't had intercourse since my last pap ( which came out negative) so I don't think I have any STDs.I think I might go an visit a doctor anyway to avoid any infection.

  • Janet b njovu

    Thank you for the extra information about the progesterone- releasing IUD. I think this is what is happening in my case because i had this type of birth control for 8 years. I started experiencing some discomfort during sex and eventually started noticing small blood stains just after sex. Although this only started happening a month before i had it removed and the discomfort seems to get worse each time i have sex now. I will get checked at the earliest convinient..thank you very much enlightening me.