February 25, 2010

Q&A: Could I Be Pregnant From Dry Sex With Underwear On?

If you were wearing underwear, your chances of becoming pregnant from dry sex – also called dry humping – border on “low to no chance.”

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Question: My boyfriend and I had dry sex. I had underwear on but he didn’t. What are the chances I could get pregnant?

If you were wearing underwear, then your chances of becoming pregnant from dry sex – also called dry humping – border on “low to no chance.”

However, it’s often not as simple as that so, if you do not want to become pregnant, I would highly recommend that either you both keep your clothes on during dry sex or that you avoid dry sex altogether.

Birth Control Options

If you think there’s a chance you will continue being sexual in ways that may put the two of you at risk for pregnancy, then consider using a highly effective method of birth control such as the birth control pill, patch, shot or ring. Condoms are another highly method of birth control plus condoms can greatly reduce the risk of some but not all common sexually transmissible infections, or STIs.

Risky Business

Here’s why dry sex can be risky in terms of pregnancy. First, there is not always a clear line between “dry sex” and intercourse. Sometimes couples get very excited during their sex play and they may experiment with getting closer to each other’s genitals. If your underwear are small or are thong or g string style, there may be very little fabric, if any, around your vaginal entrance. If there’s not much fabric to cover your vaginal entrance, or if your underwear become accidentally pushed to the side during sex play, then your partner’s penis may touch your vaginal entrance.

If he ejaculates inside your vaginal entrance or close it, then his sperm could get inside your vagina and you could become pregnant.

Communicating About Sex

That’s why I would encourage you to consider ways that you and your boyfriend can continue to enjoy each other’s company in ways that do not put you at risk for pregnancy if you are not ready to become parents.

Part of being sexual is learning how to talk about being sexual. Try talking to your boyfriend about your concerns about becoming pregnant. Let him know what you enjoy about the ways that you pleasure each other but also make sure to let him know what stresses you out or makes you feel worried, such as getting pregnant if you’re not yet ready to be parents. Together you can learn more about safer sex, birth control and how to take steps to have a more satisfying but low risk sex life.

More Information

To learn more about safer sex, check out the book S.E.X.: The All You Need To Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College.