February 4, 2009

Thinking Aloud About Sex & Relationships

Natalie ponders an upcoming sexual health presentation and how to talk about sex and relationships in a fun, educational way.

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As part of our mission of educating people about sexuality and sexual health, Kinsey staff (namely our resident sex expert Dr. Debby Herbenick) do presentations around campus on a variety of topics. This week we’re doing a couple of sex trivia presentations with Q&A to follow.

Next week, we’ve been asked to present on sex and relationships.

I’m searching now for a quick, ten minute discussion/presentation along those lines. But how does one cover the giant topic of sex and relationships in ten minutes?

I don’t know if the residents of this particular dorm want to hear about safer sex (which I feel much more comfortable talking about) or sex positions or communication in relationships or what. I know the Q&A parts will be easier because I can more directly answer their individual questions or concerns, but I wonder what basic information they might need.

I subscribe to a ton of sex blogs on Google Reader. I read daily about new studies about sexuality, attraction, relationships, condoms, sex work, and a variety of other topics. I can talk about these new studies, about sex research, about the Kinsey Institute but I wonder what this audience wants to hear.

Do they want something more reminiscent of a Cosmo cover or the latest issue of the Journal of Sex Research? It’s hard to tell.

For now, I’ll keep trying to find interesting things to blog about here and take some cues from our audiences this week. If nothing else, my job is to talk about sex. How great is that?