Q&A: Birth Control And Sexual Health Resources

I am a virgin but my boyfriend is not. I’m ready to have sex and though we’ve been sexually active in other ways I have a lot of questions about penetrative sex for a virgin. My boyfriend wants me to feel as comfortable and informed as possible – where can we learn about birth control options and sexuality issues?

Defining Masculinity: New Research

A new study has been published that explores the link between male masculinity and sexuality, particularly in regard to erectile dysfunction. The researchers interviewed men around the globe to explains how they define their masculinity.

Am I Ready for Sex? How Do I Know?

Many young women and men – at some time or another – wonder if they are ready to have sex. And it’s not just a one-time thought! Even when two people decide to be sexual together, they may have second thoughts about whether to have sex another time. Then there’s the issue of finding a new partner.