Q & A: Should I Try Sex With Women?

Q: I have had sex with several men. I enjoy the foreplay with them but when their penis enters me I suddenly lose all interest in sex and just wait for them to cum. I have an interest in women and I’ve kissed a few. When I masturbate or have fantasies it’s always with women. I want to be with a woman, but I don’t mind being with men until we have sex.

Q & A: I Feel Like Such A Liar!

Q: I wasn’t educated about sexuality until freshman year of high school. I didn’t know girls could like girls, but I came to the conclusion that I was bi sophomore year. I tried coming out to my mom recently, now that I am in college, but she dismissed it, saying I hadn’t showed any signs of being gay as a child and thus it was just a phase. This completely screwed me over mentally because it was already so difficult to go through the questioning process. My family is super conservative and Christian.

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