Q&A: Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Bad After We Have Sex?

The experience of sexual pleasure can also tap into people’s brain chemistry in ways that, as scientists, we don’t fully understand yet. For example, I have heard, from several people who describe sadness associated with sex for reasons they don’t understand.

Q&A: Why Do Men Watch Porn? Am I Not Good Enough?

A while back I found porn videos on my boyfriend’s computer. Ever since, I have felt worthless, sad and like I can’t trust him. He promised he wouldn’t watch anymore but twice I have looked and found them again. My boyfriend says he doesn’t want to upset me, but that it’s just a guy thing – is it? Or am I not enough for him?

Q&A: Sexual Fantasy About Group Masturbation

I have this fantasy to be part of a coed masturbation group – is this healthy? Sometimes I feel like this is a weird fantasy but then I think that masturbation is a safe healthy form of sexual expression, so maybe other adults would be interested in forming such a group.  Does such a thing exist or have you ever heard of anything like this?