Q&A: I Orgasm With My Vibrator, Not When Someone Else Touches Me

Vibrator stimulation can be pretty intense and some women (and men) respond far more easily to it than hand, mouth, or intercourse stimulation. It may be that you have a higher threshold for stimulation, and vibration more easily brings you to orgasm.

Q&A: Embarassed About Buying Sex Toys, Sex Toy Parties

I’d like to buy a vibrator, but I have no idea how to go about getting one. I’m too embarrassed to go into a store and pick one out, but I am also hesitant about buying one online, as I bought one off a website recently that totally didn’t work for me and I don’t want to waste more money!

Q&A: I Am Scared Of Having Sex Because Of Pregnancy and Bleeding

Though not having had intercourse by age 25 is less common these days, some people choose to wait to have sex until they find the right person, relationship or situation. There is nothing wrong with not having had vaginal intercourse by age 25.