Q&A: Desire Discrepancies – How Often Do Older Couples Have Sex?

My wife and I are in our late 50s.  We were having a friendly discussion about the frequency of love making at our age.  I am up for 3-4 times a week.  My wife thinks this is well above the norm. I say, maybe a bit above average, but who cares.  Where are we on the Bell Curve?

Q&A: Female Ejaculation – How Common Is it?

My former girlfriend experienced female ejaculation two times during our three year relationship – once during oral sex and another time during intercourse. I always thought this was something a woman either displays all the time or not at all. Is it normal to be so infrequent?

Q&A: Same Sex Fantasies And Sexual Orientation

I have only had sexual experiences with men, although I mostly fantasize about sex with women. I have strong feelings for men, and enjoy physical intimacy with men, but why do most of my fantasies about sex involve women? Am I bisexual or a lesbian?

Defining Masculinity: New Research

A new study has been published that explores the link between male masculinity and sexuality, particularly in regard to erectile dysfunction. The researchers interviewed men around the globe to explains how they define their masculinity.