Q&A: Does Masturbation Cause Premature Aging?

Fortunately, there is no truth to the rumors that masturbation causes one to get sick, go blind, grow hair on their hands, or age very quickly. It is common for teenagers and adults to masturbate, whether they are male or female, and there is nothing about masturbating that would cause you to look much older than you are.

Q&A: Foot Fetishes – Are They Normal?

There has been only a little research related to what some call “foot fetishes” and though it is quite clear that people have linked feet into their sex play for centuries, it is unclear what it is that drives some people to experience such intense arousal or eroticism when they see, touch or lick another person’s feet.

Q&A: Open Relationships – Are They Dysfunctional?

There is nothing necessarily “wrong” with people for wanting to be in an open relationship just as there is nothing necessarily “wrong” with people for wanting to be in a monogamous relationship. They are simply different relationship preferences, each with their own challenges and advantages.

Is There Such A Thing As “Gayface”?

This semester I’m a discussion leader for a Human Sexuality class, and yesterday we had a GLBT panel discussion. One of the questions some of the students were curious about pertained to “gaydar”, or how to tell if a person is gay or straight just by looking at them.

Hello From Mardi Gras In New Orleans!

I am down in New Orleans (NOLA for short) celebrating the end of the carnival season, or Mardi Gras, with my extended family. We’ve gone to quite a few parades, done our fair share of indulging in adult beverages (for those of us over 21; we keep it legal, kids), and filled trunks of our road-tired cars with beads and throws.