Erection Loss and Reluctance To Use Condoms

A study conducted by researchers here at The Kinsey Institute reveals that men are less likely to use condoms when they report an erection loss while using the condoms. So if a man has erection difficulties while he's wearing a condom, he's more likely to ditch the whole condom idea entirely and not use protection.

…For The Sake Of Science…

The Kinsey Institute was founded as a research institution, and continues to be one of the country’s leading authorities in sex research. On the Institute’s website you can read up on all of the current and upcoming research, and even participate in a set of surveys.

Asexuality Is Possibly Another Sexual Orientation?

The National Post in Canada reported on an article by former Kinsey Institute researchers Nicole Prause and Cynthia Graham describing this often misunderstood identity. The article suggests that although asexuals have always been at least 1% of the population, awareness is picking up and more asexuals are beginning to talk openly about it.