Q & A: So What Is Virginity, Anyway?

One of the most important issues is going as slowly as you want to about making a decision to be sexual with another person — particularly because this decision can affect so much in your life. If in doubt, don’t do it — there is always time to make a decision.

Feedback Needed – Kinsey Website And Facebook

As most of you know, keeping up an institution website or blog means lots of behind the scenes work. Researching blog facts, finding interesting links, posting photos (which aren’t copyrighted – thanks Creative Commons!) to spice up the entries , etc. When we do make changes, it’s nice to hear from our readers/subscribers since we do this for you.

Kinsey Institute In The News This Week

A while back I signed for Google News updates. This means that anytime the phrases “sexual health,” “Kinsey Institute,” “sexuality,” or “Kinsey” pop up in a news story, I get a daily digest e-mail about it. I think it helps me keep up with current news stories, important political actions on sexuality and sexual health, and things of this nature.