Q & A: I Know This Sounds Weird, But Did The Bikini Wax Do It?

For those who feel they cannot tell past or current partners directly, one can ask a healthcare provider for help with “partner notification”, whereby they will call or email your past or present partner to let them know (confidentially) that they have been named as a partner of someone who has tested positive for an infection.

These little things make a big difference.

Q & A: With Or Without? Bleeding Or Not? What’s Normal Here?

Too much friction and sex may feel uncomfortable or painful. Too little friction and it may not feel like much of anything is happening during intercourse. Wearing a condom adds to the friction during sex. Sometimes this added friction is a welcome sensation; other times, it is not.

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Q & A: Will I Outgrow Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is particularly common among young men who are relatively new to sex. It can take time to become familiar with one’s own sexual response. Men and women both need time to understand how their body responds to sexual arousal and how they experience orgasm. Most men are able to find ways to delay ejaculation or to come to peace with understanding that this is just how their body works (and doesn’t necessarily need to be changed).