Q&A: I Can’t Orgasm When I Masturbate In Front Of My Boyfriend

Women’s experiences of pleasure and orgasm often change throughout life, in response to pregnancy, birth, health conditions, menopause, stress, and aging. Learning to talk about sexuality and how to make sex feel better for both of you will better situate you both for a lifetime of sexual enjoyment and exploration.

Q&A: I Only Get Sexually Turned On When I’ve Been Drinking

Self-pleasuring and exploring both genital and non-genital parts of the body can be important experiences to try as you take steps toward becoming more comfortable with your body, with sexual touch and with opening yourself to pleasure.

Q&A: Why Does My Boyfriend Masturbate To Porn So Often?

Not all men watch porn; they don’t. It’s also not to say that some women don’t enjoy porn. In fact, a growing number of women seem to be accessing porn, particularly as more women-centered porn images and videos are created.