Q&A: Anal Sex: Cleanliness And Avoiding Pain

Because anal sex involves the rectum, some people – like you – have concerns about cleanliness. You may want to take your time to ease into anal play so that you can become more comfortable sharing this part of your body with your boyfriend and making sure that you both feel comfortable with what you are doing.

So How Common Is Anal Sex, Anyway?

Earlier this evening, our terrific Kinsey Confidential graduate intern (Natalie) and I presented two dorm sex education programs on campus here at Indiana University. Both were set up as “sex trivia” games and both battled it out until the very end in hopes of winning the donated prizes we brought with us.

Q&A: Analingus And Having Safe Anal Sex

I like to sometimes give rimjobs to my girlfriend and have anal sex with her. I was wondering – if we are both STI free, do I have anything to worry about, in terms of contracting anything? Also, I know anal sex can be dangerous if not done properly, but if done properly, is there any chance of hurting her during anal sex?