April 6, 2010

Study Finds Majority Of Young Adults In The US Are Pro-Choice

A recent study by NARAL Pro-Choice America found that the majority of young adults, age 30 years and younger, are pro-choice.

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A recent study by NARAL Pro-Choice America found that the majority of young adults, age 30 years and younger, are pro-choice, supporting women’s right to seek safe and legal abortion services.  The proportion  supporting legal access to abortions, nearly 60%, is larger than the proportion of the general population who are pro-choice (ranges between 42% and 51%).

About The Study

The NARAL Pro-Choice America study polled 1,000 young adults under the age of 30.  The survey included landline, web, and cellphone interviews to widen their sample of an increasingly-technological generation.  As Women’s Rights at Change.org notes, more than half of young adults do not have a traditional landline, which means that many surveys that rely on such modes of contact miss out on many of the US’s young population.  More interestingly, the survey found that those respondents interviewed by landline were less likely to report being pro-choice than those interviewed by web and cellphone: “”Youth reached through landlines are more likely to be married, own a house, have a credit history, be less mobile, and less racially diverse, often resulting in a more conservative political outlook.”

  • Subhajit

    Supporting abortion is very much human.
    Scenerio 1:-
    Think about poor countries – if there parents give born a baby but can't manage to give enough food and education what is then going to happen he/she is going to be be an antisocial or got slavery by strong people at last it creates illegal things more even murder – is creating and promoting this type of situation is human enough ?
    Scenario 2:-
    In a rich country think a parent going to give birth a child to whom they will not do any duties of parent – they will abandon the child – then who knows will anyone will take care of that child or not – is that is more human?
    Scenario 3:-
    Think of a mother who is betrayed by her husband. Well she will manage to care that child, but in
    some situation in future for that child it will be unbearably painful to live in a environment created by some society people as he/she had on dad. How the dignity will be maintained of that child.

    Else, many situations happens when we forced to make a decision of abortion for good and humanity.
    Please reply.

  • Edwin

    1: great to hear!
    2: glad that a study FINALLY took into account the fact that almost nobody under 30 has a land line anymore. Cell phones and cable/dryloop internet have completely taken over the younger telecom market.
    3: hopefully more studies will follow this lead and finally give a better view of the actual social landscape, so that these polls can start influencing more reasonable policy. Assuming any of those landliners in Washington even listen.