January 29, 2009

Follow Up: Sexuality Education At Indiana University

Natalie follows up on her blog post about higher education and sexuality with information about local Indiana University resources for sexuality research.

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Hopefully you caught this blog post about pursuing higher education in sexuality studies. So for those of you lucky enough to call Bloomington home, here’s a bit what can you do on our campus to learn more about sexuality.

Studying At The Kinsey Insitute

First and foremost, the Kinsey Institute co-sponsors an interdisciplinary Ph.D. minor in human sexuality. You can also learn more about the Doctoral Minor in Human Sexuality Education (see Academics/Graduate) offered separately by the Department of Applied Health Science, the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER).

We also have a glorious and extensive library and archive collection that holds mounds of information on sexuality from GLBT issues, the history of sex toys. You name it, we probably have it. While you’re visiting Kinsey, don’t foget to check out our current art exhibits, which rotate frequently and offer interesting and beautiful examples of artistic interpretations of human sexuality.

Sex Research At IU

If you’re interested in learning more about sexuality research, you can volunteer your time and learn from graduate students and faculty already engaged in sex research at IU. Check out the Center for Sexual Health Promotion here on campus and learn how you can get involved.

I have personally worked there as a research assistant and learned a lot about many areas of research from how to organize a study, data entry, literature reviews, and many other skills vital to being a responsible and productive researcher in sexual health.

Your Thoughts

We want to hear about your university or organization that offers sexuality education or degree programs. Where are they? What’s good about them? Bad? Let’s hear it!