February 18, 2008

Sex Toys May Be Harder To Obtain In Indiana…

A new Indiana house bill would require that anyone "selling sexually explicit materials, products, or services" to register. What does this mean for sex in IN?

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House Bill 1042 is currently in the works to be passed in the Indiana Legislature. If made into a law, this will require that anyone “selling sexually explicit materials, products, or services” will have to register with the Secretary of State, who will then notify local officials in the county where the goods are to be sold. Additionally, one would also have to file a statement to the Secretary of State.

If this really does become a law, then failure to comply will result in a Class B Misdemeanor, which could result in prison for up to 180 days, according to Indiana State Law.

Well, all I can say about this is that if the bill really does pass, there’s going to be a very high demand for electronic personal back massagers.  I’m also questioning what would really be defined as “sexually explicit material.” Would books such as “The Joy of Sex”, which has been around for decades, require registration with the Secretary of State?

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