April 15, 2009

Sex. Really. (PSA Video – Our Review)

Kinsey Confidential staffers review a series of sexual health promotion videos put out by Sex.Really, a new production company.

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Occasionally, we get e-mails from potential advertisers who want to show their content on our website. We’re obviously cautious, as we have to protect the Kinsey Institute’s reputation as a consistent, accurate source for sexuality information as well as Kinsey Confidential’s mission to educate young adults about their sexual health and sexuality.

Sex. Really. is a small production company that produces short comedy videos for clients. They recently sent us a few links to their sexuality information videos that focus on sexual health/disease prevention, consent, and pregnancy.

Check out the most recent video they sent us:

The storyline is about a female “player” making excuses about reasons not to use a condom or reasons she can’t get pregnant – which would mean they wouldn’t need a condom. We see a series of male faces as her sexual partners and most look confused or weirded out by the “player’s” odd (seemingly drunken) behavior.

The Good Stuff:

Awareness of the wide array of anti-condom excuses is good and I like that it shows a female negotiating condom (dis)use since men usually get blamed for not wanting to use condoms. While the drunken acting is a bit annoying, I think it does say something important about alcohol/substance use and sexual decision making, which research shows to be a fairly unhealthy combination in some cases.

The Bad Stuff:

the video quality isn’t awesome but you don’t necessarily expect that with sexuality PSAs produced by a small company or non-profit. While it is nice to see a female being more aggressive about her sexuality, in this context that female is making poor sexual health decisions and being labeled a “player” so it doesn’t do much for a sex-positive embracing of female sexuality.

What Do You Think?

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