April 30, 2014

What They’re Reading: Sasha Aurand Reviews “Female Ejaculation”

Psychology student Sasha Aurand recommends Somraj Pokras and Dr. Jeffre Tallrees' guide to female ejaculation.

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In February, blogger Bianca Jarvis wrote a post called  Understanding the Mysteries of Female Ejaculation, which shed light on the under acknowledged phenomenon of female ejaculation (FE). Her blog post gives an overview of what FE is and YES, it does really exist.

Somraj Pokras and Dr. Jeffre Tallrees have put together a very interesting, casual, conversational take on explaining in detail how to go about learning to give or have g-spot induced female ejaculation. This book includes an ejaculation readiness checklist, “loveplay” rather than foreplay tips, communication and physical pathways to orgasm, as well as many how-to images for clarification of solo or partnered stimulation.

Female Ejaculation is unique, worthwhile read: it’s not only a how-to book; but also includes questions to ask yourself or partner, and emphasizes the need for communication and self-awareness.

Sasha Aurand is a graduating senior with BA in Psychology, and minor in Human Development and Family Studies. Her research includes work with Alan Roberts attraction studies.