April 11, 2007

Q&A: Safe Breast Enlargement (or Augmentation) Without Surgery

A female reader asks about possible non-surgical methods for breast enlargement or augmentation

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Question: I have very small breasts (34A) and would like to have at least a 34B. I was wondering if there is any way other then surgery to increase my breast size that works?

While growing up, young women and men commonly wonder what their bodies will look like when pubertal growth ends and they grow into their adult bodies.

During this time, and afterwards, many women and men struggle with different parts of their bodies and sometimes they wonder about ways to change parts of themselves either through medical procedures, pills, or lifestyle changes (e.g., exercise, eating, etc).

No Effective Non-Surgical Methods

Other than breast augmentation surgery (e.g., getting breast implants), we know of no scientifically backed safe or effective way to increase breast size.

Although there are a large number of pills and creams that are sold on television, on the internet or through countless emails and that are said to increase breast size, these have not been well-researched and thus we have no scientific reason to believe that they actually work. Because such pills and creams have not been scientifically tested, this also means that their safety is unknown.

If you are considering taking pills or creams that are being marketed for breast enlargement, please talk with your healthcare provider to learn how such pills or creams might affect your own health.

Breast Size, Age, Contraception, Weight Gain

I am not sure how old you are, but occasionally some women find that their breast size increases slightly during their late teens or early twenties.

In addition, some women notice that their breast size increases slightly when they take hormonal contraception such as birth control pills (however, this does not happen to everyone and there is no one brand that is known to have this effect any more than others).

Because breasts are composed of much fatty tissue, weight gain can also increase breast size. That said, women’s bodies vary due to genetics; therefore some women who gain weight may notice an increase in breast size whereas others notice an increase in the size of their hips, buttocks, abdomen or upper arms (all common areas for fat to be deposited in women’s bodies whereas men more commonly store fat in their abdominal area).

Thinking About Breast Size

It may be worth spending time thinking about how you feel about your body and what you think would be different in your life if you had larger breasts. Women with larger breasts (such as a C or D cup) may actually have less sensitive breasts than women with smaller breasts (A or B cup).

Aside from that little bit of science, it is unclear what advantages or disadvantages come along with larger breasts.

What do you, personally, think would be different if you were able to increase your breast size? Would you feel more confident, sexy, or feminine? If so, can you think of ways to have these same feelings without increasing your breast size? (By the way, in a “the grass is always greener” mentality, many women with larger breasts imagine feeling more confident, sexy or feminine if they had smaller breasts).