September 6, 2011

What They Are Reading: Virginia Vitzthum

Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships

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Virginia Vitzthum is a fan of Wenda Trevathan’s 2010 book, Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives: How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health

“Dr. Trevathan has given us a thoroughly enjoyable and highly informative consideration of the challenges to good health faced by all contemporary women, whose physiology, morphology and psychobiology have been shaped by evolutionary processes acting over millions of years.

Weaving together scientific evidence from anthropology, endocrinology, psychology, medicine and evolutionary biology, she offers a balanced view of complex issues in an accessible style sure to engage a wide audience….Academicians will value her rigorous scholarship and ample citations. But better still, Dr. Trevathan speaks directly and clearly to all those persons seeking to understand the fascinating variety and flexibility of women’s bodies.”

Virginia J. Vitzthum, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction and Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University.