April 23, 2012

What They’re Reading: Burke Denning

Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships.

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Burke Denning recommends "The Guide to Getting it On"

Burke Denning recommends "The Guide to Getting it On"

Burke Denning recommends The Guide to Getting it On by Paul Joannides.

“I know it’s been done before, but when am I not reading The Guide to Getting it On?! This book is an excellent reference text to have—in its epic and expansive 900 pages, it runs the gamut of sexuality-related topics. Very rarely have I been unable to find at least some discussion of whatever obscure sexual behavior I’m currently curious about. “Sex techniques for disabled folks?” Check. “Sex after returning from combat?”  Got it.  “Genital piercings?” Sure, why not? “Sex toys?” Of course, are you kidding!?

“Sometimes, just for fun, I will flip through the index, and pick something I’ve never heard of before and read about it. You know how people will get hooked in a Wikipedia Loop, reading article after article for hours because each link is more interesting than the last?  That is exactly what this book is like. You won’t be able to put the darned thing down.

“PS: For fans of graphic novels and illustration, the stylized and graphic line art that decorates the pages is a real treat.”

Burke Denning is an MPH student at Indiana University, and is currently interning at the Kinsey Institute. Her studies are centered around the promotion of holistic sexual health and education that seeks to improve quality of life, and expands beyond the prevention and treatment of disease, dysfunction and unintended pregnancy.