September 27, 2010

What They’re Reading: Bill Taverner

Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships

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Bill Taverner, editor of The American Journal of Sexuality Education and director of The Center for Family Life Education at Planned Parenthood,  is reading Erick Jensen’s Teaching with Poverty in Mind :

“It was recommended to be by my colleague Robin Slaw, educator at The Center for Family Life Education, who is co-presenting a workshop on poverty and sexuality education later this year.  In the field of sexuality education we have known for a long time that sexuality education programs are most effective at reducing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections when they address core issues of poverty.  I will be reading this book to help me draw back the curtain on why this is the case, and how we could better meet young people where they are in our education efforts.”

-Bill Taverner

Bill Taverner has written Sex Ed 101: A Collection of Sex Education Lessons , and co authored several books and recourses on sex education.