July 21, 2017

Q & A: What’s A Normal Load For An Older Man?

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Is this something to worry about?

Is this something to worry about?

Q: My wife says that I ejaculate way more than she has ever seen any man ejaculate. Is this normal for a 54 year old man…?

A: It’s certainly possible! Semen volume per ejaculate can vary from man to man, as well as from ejaculate to ejaculate. Some research shows that semen volume can vary from about 1mL to 5 or even 6mL, which is a considerable difference among men. You didn’t mention about how much volume you ejaculate, but perhaps this information will give you a reference point.

Semen, The Mystery

Scientists don’t fully understand the many possible factors that can affect semen characteristics, including volume, although there have been some clues from research. For example, some research suggests that cigarette smoking may be associated with lower semen volume and other research suggests that more time in between ejaculations may be associated with greater semen volume. However, these are relatively small differences. Anecdotally, some men notice changes to their semen volume based on sleep and even exercise, but these have yet to be well-researched.

In any case, semen volume is not a competition and if you and your wife are happy with your semen volume, then that’s good since there’s probably not much (if anything) one can do to change it substantially anyway.

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