June 2, 2017

Q & A: What Do Women Squirt In Orgasm?

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It's wet, but what is it?

Q: Is female cum urine?

A: This is a heavily debated question. In a recent study conducted by a team of French researchers seven women were asked to masturbate to ejaculation and a sample of the fluid was analyzed. Fluid samples from two of the women showed no difference in chemical properties in this fluid from their urine, suggesting that the fluid the released while “squirting” is essentially diluted urine.

The remaining five women had prostate-specific antigen present in their fluid, an enzyme produced by the Skene’s glands to assist in sperm motility. Long story short, yes, there is evidence that some women involuntarily release very diluted urine (often during what is called “squirting”) but there is also evidence that some women, often in smaller amounts, release prostatic secretions during sexual activity.

Wet Stuff Happens

Ultimately, it is quite common for females to release some amount of fluid during sexual excitement or orgasm. Some males also release pre-ejaculatory fluids when they’re feeling sexually aroused and, of course, release ejaculate during most experiences of orgasm. As we often say, sex is messy – it’s not good or bad, these are just examples of how human bodies work as part of their sexual response. It’s up to you and your partner to make the most of it and to create the pleasurable sex life that works for you.

For More information:

Salama, S., Boitrelle, F., Gauquelin, A., Malagrida, L., Thiounn, N., & Desvaux, P. (2015). Nature and origin of “squirting” in female sexuality. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 12(2), pp. 661-6.


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