July 18, 2018

Q & A: Help! I’m A Gusher!

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My wife wishes I had this feature.

Q: Can my massive precum be reduced or controlled? My wife hates it.

A: Pre cum or pre-ejaculate fluid is produced by the Cowper’s gland and other small glands upon sexual stimulation. These glands have several important functions including producing alkaline or neutralizing fluid to reduce the acidity of the urethra and vagina prior to ejaculation as well as contributing to urethral lubrication. This protection and lubrication makes sperm more viable and flow more easily.

Typical amounts of pre-ejaculate range from .2 mL to 5 mL. The amount of pre-ejaculate fluid varies by person. Because of this, very little empirical research has been published in this area. One small study suggests that the amount of pre-ejaculate depends largely on the duration of plateau-phase levels of sexual tension. The plateau phase is regulated by neural pathways (sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves) which cause stimulation of these glands and as result can increase or decrease the amount of pre-ejaculate fluid being released.

Your Body Is Your Body

Excessive pre-ejaculate can result from any number of things and is not uncommon. You could keep a towel on or near the bed, or you might use a condom. And while you could consider seeing a urologist as some medications have been found to reduce pre-ejaculatory fluids, you might also talk with your wife about whether she might find her way to accepting that this is just how your body works. Penises (just like vaginas) emit fluids; this is just part of the messiness that comes with sex. If this becomes a difficult area of your marriage, you might consider meeting together with a sex therapist. You can search for an AASECT certified therapist in your area through the AASECT website, at www.aasect.org.

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