March 9, 2009

Playing Catch-Up On Sexuality News

Playing catch up on sexuality news from the past week including a New York Times feature on George Platt Lynes and interviews by blogger Dr. Petra Boynton

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Sorry for the lapse in blogging. We’ll try and play catch up this week with some interesting sexuality news and events from around the interwebs. Look out for a post about my Women in Science Program presentation experience as well as a fun sex-positive journalism contest called the Sexies, which our fellow KC blogger Dr. Debby is helping to judge this year.

Photographer George Platt Lynes

In Kinsey Institute news: If you’ve ever taken a tour of the Kinsey Institute you’d probably noticed quite a few striking black and white images of nude men. If you’re at all familiar with gay/queer photography, you’ve recognized those photos as ones taken by George Platt Lynes.

The Kinsey Institute has quite a collection of his nudes and ballet photographs so we’re happy when the work of one the artists in our collection is featured in major media, as Lynes was in the Men’s Fashion section of the New York Times this Sunday. The article accompanying the slide show of photos is well written and discusses how iconic Lynes made his subjects appear and how this related to his personal style.

Dr. Petra Boynton’s “Quickie” Interviews

Fellow sexuality blogger side note: One of our favorite bloggers, Dr. Petra Boynton, is doing a fun series of “quickie” interviews with people working in the field of sex/relationships. If this applies to you, check out her post here – she’s already interviewed some interesting people. She writes:

The aim of the interviews are to get people who work in the area of sex and relationships to talk about their work, and themselves. Future interviews will include conversations with people working in many different areas (research, education, activism, therapy, performance and media) who all have a different take on sex. Some will be well established practitioners, others will be just starting out in their careers; and they will be working in different countries (not just the UK and US). All are folk who are demonstrating they are making a difference to our sexual lives.