January 19, 2009

Q&A: Penis Size And Pregnancy – Are They Related?

A reader wonders if penis size is related to the risk or possibility of pregnancy.

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Question: Does penis size matter in terms of getting a woman pregnant?

While I am not aware of any research that has specifically investigated the relationship between a man’s penis size and his partner’s fertility, I can tell say that many couples have successfully become pregnant even without any vaginal penetration at all, or with only one or two inches of the man’s penis being inside the woman’s vagina. That suggests that even a man whose penis is an inch or two long, when erect, should be able to achieve pregnancy with his partner if they are fertile as a couple.

The reason that we have this information is that some women have significant problems with vaginal pain, or with feeling as though it is impossible for their partner to penetrate them, such as occurs with a condition called vaginismus. They may try for months or years to have vaginal intercourse. For many couples, sex therapy can help them to have comfortable, pleasurable vaginal intercourse. However, in rare cases, either the couple decides that it is not a goal for them to have intercourse or the woman finds that she remains unable to comfortably have vaginal penetration.

In some of these instances, the couples may want to become pregnant. Since they aren’t having vaginal intercourse, their sex therapist or doctor may advise them to have sex in such a way that the man ejaculates right at the entrance to the woman’s vagina, and that they try to get some ejaculate in her vagina if possible, using their fingers. Other times, the couple finds that they can comfortably get the first inch or two of the man’s penis inside the woman’s vagina, and it may be in that position that the man ejaculates into his partner’s vagina. Couples have indeed become pregnant this way.

If you are concerned about penis size, you might find it helpful to seek out more information about the wide variability among men in terms of their penile length and circumference. Although we often hear about average lengths, with the average erect penis length being about 5 to 6 inches long, in fact penis size is highly variable. Some men have an erect length of 1, 2 or 3 inches long and others have an erect length of 8, 9, 10 or more inches long. These are on the extreme ends, of course, and most men are somewhere in the middle.

You might also find it helpful to learn more about sexual technique and communication with a partner, two characteristics that have much more influence on sexual quality and pleasure than penis size. You can learn more about these topics in books such as A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis and The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex.

Finally, if you have questions about your personal health or fertility, please check in with your healthcare provider.

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