June 9, 2008

Penis Museum Opens In Iceland; No Human Exhibits Yet, Though

A new museum in Iceland features penises of over ninety different animals, but hasn't expanded to human donors just yet.

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This is a new kind of museum if I’ve ever seen one. A man named Sigurdur Hjartarson in Iceland has opened up a museum entirely dedicated to penises everywhere! It contains the reproductive organs of over NINETY different species, with a total of 261 penises in all. That’s a lot of penis.

He doesn’t have any human specimens yet, but Hjartarson has managed to get four men (all from different countries) to promise him their penises when they die. It’s only open in the summer, but last summer over 6,000 people turned out to see the exhibit. You can read more about it at AOLnews.

And, to learn more about the penis, you can always visit The Kinsey Institute!

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  • tomphan

    Nice news piece. But one minor correction: The American penis, Elmo, has been legally given to the museum along with both testicles and scrotum. So, the museum's human specimens are legally their property. Better yet, Elmo and his balls are due to be surgically harvested from the American donor any day now, while he is still alive. They will be plastinated then put on display in the Iceland museum. A documentary film is being made of the Elmo Project.

  • Marie Metelnick (M.A.)

    You are partly right. An American named Stan Underwood has offered to donate his penis, which he calls “Elmo” to the museum after his death. For the moment however, the museum is making do with his letter of donation and mold of his penis. There are three other men who have made similar pledges to donate their penises after they die. There are not plans to remove a penis from a living man for the museum.

    In January 2011, Pall Arason died – he was one of the four men who had offered to donate his penis after his death. We don’t know whether the pledge was honoured by his estate and family. From an IBN news story.