January 7, 2010

Q&A: What Can I Do In Order To Stop Ejaculating While I’m Asleep?

There is nothing wrong or unhealthy about ejaculating while you’re sleep. Most men have experienced it at some point in their lives.

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Question: I sometimes ejaculate while I’m sleeping and having a dream about sex. If this isn’t normal, what should I do to prevent this from happening?

Yes, it is very common for men – particularly young men in their teens or twenties – to ejaculate while they are sleeping.

Nocturnal Emissions

Sometimes men wake up in the middle of the night and notice that they are feeling aroused, that their penis is erect or that they have just ejaculated. Other times, men don’t notice anything while they are sleep. They simply wake up the next morning and realize, from their underwear or sheets, that they ejaculated some time during the night. Some people refer to these ejaculations as “wet dreams.” In scientific circles, we call them “nocturnal emissions.”

There is nothing wrong or unhealthy about ejaculating while you’re sleep. Most men have experienced it at some point in their lives. As men age, it tends to happen to the less often. Some men find that masturbating during the day helps to reduce the frequency of their wet dreams. Other men don’t find any relationship between their day time masturbation and their night time ejaculations.

I haven’t heard of any way that a man can prevent himself from ejaculating while he is asleep. And since there is nothing harmful or unhealthy about it, try to consider a new perspective on this aspect of your body functioning.

Men and Women Alike

The fact that you ejaculate during the night sometimes doesn’t mean anything about your sexuality or sex life, per se. Men and women both experience genital arousal during their sleep. For men, this may result in erections and occasional ejaculations while they are sleep. For women, this genital arousal means that they experience vaginal lubrication while they are asleep.

Activities You Don’t Remember

If, at any point, you find that your night time ejaculations become very frequent or are associated with sexual behavior that occurs during sleep that you don’t remember (but that a partner tells you about – such as if you masturbate while asleep or try to have sex with someone else while asleep), then you might want to check in with a healthcare provider.

Occasionally, some people engage in sexual behavior while asleep, without even knowing it, just as some people engage in sleepwalking. In these rare instances, people may find it helpful to talk with a sleep specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Normal Experience

That said, what you are describing – which is ejaculating while asleep and often in connection with arousing dreams – sounds like the normal range of experiences shared by many men around the world.

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