February 18, 2009

NSRC Sexuality Studies Petition

More information and a NSRC petition about the recent attacks on sexuality studies at two universities in Florida and Georgia.

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According to the National Sexuality Resource Center blog:

Conservative lawmakers are up to their old tricks of scapegoating and creating moral panics around sexuality. In response to the current financial crisis, legislators in Florida and Georgia have begun attempting to cut sexuality studies, queer theory, and women’s and gender studies courses and research at state universities.

Obviously, this news is very relevant to us at the Kinsey Institute because although we are a non-profit institute, we are also housed within and work closely with these very same departments at Indiana University and believe that sexuality studies are integral to the university environment.

If you agree, please take a moment to sign the petition organized by the NSRC to tell lawmakers that you think sexuality/queer/women’s studies are important and deserve to stay on your campus, wherever you are.