February 27, 2008

Much Needed: The New View Campaign

Sexual problems are very complex & can't magically disappear with a pill. The New View Campaign wants consumers to be aware of less than honest quick fixes.

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There is a ton of information out in the world about sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, and so forth.

Too often, it seems that the pharmaceutical industry provides us with an oversimplified “fix” to any problems we may be having. Many times these problems do not necessarily need medical intervention.

No Magic Pill

Sexual problems are often very complex, especially considering how sex is experienced differently for everyone on Earth – and these problems often cannot magically disappear with a pill.

The New View Campaign is challenging these messages consumers are receiving from the big pharmaceutical companies. They’ve been around since 2000, and their website is definitely worth checking out. They’ve got a ton of links, and a lot more information about this topic.

Check it out here: New View Campaign

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