November 6, 2016

New Kinsey Confidential, New Directions

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Sort of, but not all the way.

Regular readers may have noticed that Kinsey Confidential got a new look last week. In fact, our new website has been in the works for more than a year and we are just now reaching the stage where most of the work is done and we’re able to share it with you. Thank you for your patience while we test it out.

However, Kinsey Confidential has more than just a new look; we have an expanded team composed of several faculty and graduate students working to share fact-based sexuality information with you, our readers. Kinsey Confidential now represents a collaborative effort between The Kinsey Institute and the IU School of Public Health-Bloomington (and, more specifically, the Center for Sexual Health Promotion within the School of Public Health). Our collaboration represents the best of both places. The Kinsey Institute has a long history of conducting world-class research related to human sexuality as well as answering questions from the general public, going all the way back to Dr. Alfred Kinsey himself, who spent probably thousands of hours doing just that. The School of Public Health (formerly the School of HPER, for those familiar with IU) has decades of experience serving as a campus leader in human sexuality education and also is home to scholars researching important topics in sexual health.

Kinsey Confidential will still focus mostly on Q&A, prioritizing the kinds of questions our readers have about sexual health and relationships. As an AASECT-certified sexuality educator and coordinator of the School of Public Health’s Human Sexuality classes, I will continue to answer these questions.

However, we will also be blogging from time to time about sexuality issues. We will highlight the work of The Kinsey Institute’s research and collections staff, its research fellows and affiliates, as well as that of the broader Indiana University and sexuality research community. As we work on these newer aspects, I invite you to take a few minutes to learn more about the evolving focus of The Kinsey Institute under its Director Sue Carter, including her work on oxytocin. You can learn more about other areas of Kinsey Institute research and the Institute’s collections on its site. You can also support our work by donating to support KC. 

We hope that this collaborative effort between The Kinsey Institute and the School of Public Health will be the first of many good ways we can work together to reflect the best Indiana University has to offer and to serve the broader public. Thank you for your patience with our new site, your support of Kinsey Confidential over the years, and your enthusiasm for what’s to come.

All the best,

Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH, AASECT CSE
Director, Center for Sexual Health Promotion, IU School of Public Health
Indiana University

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