May 13, 2010

Q&A: My Wife’s Fantasy Is To Have Four Guys Ejaculate On Her Face

Although some women and men fantasize about bukkake, which is the practice of several men ejaculating on a woman, you are wise to consider the risks involved.

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Question: My wife has this fantasy of having 4 or more guys cumming on her face. I’m excited about this, but I’m concerned about her contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Just how dangerous might this be?

Although some women and men fantasize about bukkake, which is the practice of several men ejaculating on a woman, you are wise to consider the risks involved in any sex act before you got about engaging in it.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

There would be few risks involved in a man ejaculating on an area of a person’s body that was covered with skin – the stomach or back, for example.

I say “few risks” rather than “no risks” because if a person had a cut on his or her skin and then someone who carried a sexually transmissible infection, or STI, in their semen ejaculated there, then the infection could possibly pass to the other person. This is one way that HIV could theoretically be passed, if infected sexual fluids were passed through an open cut or lesion.

If any one of the 4 men got semen in your wife’s eyes or in her mouth, then they could possibly transmit an STI, including HIV, to her. Even if the 4 or more men tried to aim their ejaculation to a skin-covered area, the fact is that men sometimes mis-place their aim. They may accidentally ejaculate in or near her eyes, which at the least could cause irritation or pain and, at most, could potentially result in STI transmission.

Fantasy vs. Reality

Some couples find that there are some fantasies that, as appealing as they may be, they are more comfortable with keeping in their fantasy world rather than making into a reality. Others try to transform fantasy into reality, and find that it helps to be creative about making their fantasy happen safely.

Taking Precautions

If you and your wife want to engage in this behavior, you may want to find men who you trust to get tested for infections, including HIV, before you are all sexual together. Or you two may decide that having them ejaculate on another body part, such as her stomach or breasts, is just as exciting as on her face, but safer (assuming she has not cuts or lesions on these parts).

Whatever you decide together, make sure to communicate with each other about your concerns for comfort, safety and what feels good in your relationship.

More Information

To learn more about STIs, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For questions about your or her personal health and STI risk or testing, check in with your healthcare provider.

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