October 12, 2009

Men More Likely Than Women to Accept Sexual Offers

Study on attractiveness reinforces some sex differences, with a few surprises on self-ratings

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It seems that, generally, women are pickier than men when it comes to casual sex.  Actually, when it comes to other offers, too, like just ‘going out.’

A study reported in Human Relations found that men in Italy, England and the U.S. were all more likely to agree (on paper) to go out with, go to the apartment of, and/or to go to bed with just about any woman, regardless of her looks.

The participants were asked to imagine being approached (on campus) by a slightly unattractive person, a moderately attractive and an exceptionally attractive person of the opposite sex.

When women were asked, they were not very likely to go to bed with any of them.  She was, however, much more likely to agree to go out with a really attractive-looking man, and some would ‘go to the apartment of’ a good-looker.

U.S. women have more self-esteem?

So the men in this study were more interested in sex, regardless of appearance – that might not surprise you.

But in another reported finding, both men and women from the US were more likely to rate themselves as ‘attractive,’ compared to the Germans and the Italians.

This is most notable among the women, with 48% of the Italians rating themselves as attractive, compared with 55% of Germans and a healthy 71% of Americans.

Maybe women in the US should start a movement to export some self-esteem tips to our sisters in Europe.