February 2, 2012

Q&A I Gave A Lap Dance, Can I Get Pregnant?

There are typically no sperm in pre-ejaculate and as he didn’t actually ejaculate, there were no sperm leaving his body

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Question: I was giving my boyfriend a lap dance and I had nothing on. He only had boxers on. His genitals were in contact with mine through the fabric but only for seconds. He said he never ejaculated at that time. Could I have gotten pregnant from this?

I can’t imagine there being any pregnancy risk from this situation.

Here’s why: first, there are typically no sperm in pre-ejaculate and as he didn’t actually ejaculate (i.e., no semen came out of his penis) then there were no sperm leaving his body. And without sperm, there can’t be a pregnancy.

Second, he was wearing boxers so even if he did ejaculate, sperm don’t swim through clothes. That said, if you two aren’t ready to become parents, then use birth control.

He can wear a condom during sex play and you could consider using birth control, too (such as the pill, patch, shot or vaginal ring). That way, if your sex play gets a little friskier than anticipated, you’re covered as best as you can be.

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