September 20, 2010

Q&A: How Can I Increase The Volume Of My Semen And Make It Squirt?

While penis size questions remain common, over the past five years I’ve received an increasing number of questions from men about the volume of their semen.

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Question: How can I increase the amount of my semen? When it comes out, it’s just a little
amount. Also, how do I make it squirt instead of drip?

What Men Want

When I first started working as a sex educator, it seemed that most of men’s questions about their genitals related to the penis size. Over the past five years, however, while penis size questions remain common, I’ve received an increasing number of questions from men about the volume of their semen.

While some men believe they produce too much semen, or feel they produce too much pre-ejaculate that leaks out at inopportune times, most of the questions are, like yours, about wanting to (a) increase the amount of semen and (b) increase its force – to make it squirt rather than drip.

Lifestyle Changes

Unfortunately, there are no sure-fire ways to change either of these characteristics of semen. However, there are a few things that men can try.

Some research suggests that men who are overweight or who smoke have lower semen volume. So if you’re a smoker, you can try quitting – there are many great health benefits to stopping smoking. And if you would like to lose weight, check in with a healthcare provider, a personal trainer and/or a registered dietician for information about healthy ways that you can get fit.

Because a man’s pelvic muscles are linked to the power of his ejaculation, and his orgasms, it may be that pelvic floor muscle exercises, such as Kegel exercises, can help to improve the thrust of a man’s ejaculate – to help him squirt more than drip.

However, along with aging come the very normal and common changes to semen that you’re noticing: namely, less semen and less powerful ejaculations. You can try to slow these changes through healthy eating, exercise, not smoking and regular pelvic floor muscle exercises, but none of them are sure-fire guarantees. And there’s no way to stop the aging process.

Pornographic Expectations

It may help, too, to round out your expectations for sex. I’m not sure what your experience is, but some men and women have unrealistic ideas about sex because of porn. In porn, it’s common to show a great deal of semen and a lot of thrust – of course, the actors are often young and chosen for these qualities, so it’s not a fair representation of most men’s sexual experiences.

Making the Most of Sex

My suggestion would be to adopt whatever lifestyle behaviors help you to feel healthy and better about yourself, but to also expand your ideas of sex to look at the bigger picture- and not just what’s coming out of your penis. Consider how you might work with your partner, if you have one, to make sex more connecting, more exciting and more pleasurable or meaningful for you both.