November 27, 2008

The Science Of Gaydar: Finger Length and More…

We've all heard doubtful ways to determine whether a man is gay and I've normally scoffed at these ideas, but there might actually be research backing it up!

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I’m sure we’ve all heard some doubtful ways to determine whether a man is gay or not. For example, I’ve heard that if his ring finger is the same length as his index finger, he’s gay. I’ve normally scoffed at ideas like this, but it turns out there might actually be some substantial research backing it up!

Fingerprints and Finger Length

According to this research, gay men are more in sync with straight women in regards to their fingerprints and their finger length ratio. Gay men are also more distinct from straight men by the pitch of their voice and even penis size.

The Science of Gaydar

You can read more about this research at The science of gaydar. That said, keep in mind that we have a lot to learn about sexual orientation and you should, of course, never feel that you can judge a person’s orientation, or sexuality, just by looking at them (or by measuring any part of them).

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