June 24, 2008

Protests From Moscow LGBT Community Over Pride Celebration Ban

The LGBT community of Moscow speaks out in a protest of a recent ban on gay pride events in Russia.

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Last month, a large group of gays and lesbians in Moscow rallied together waving rainbow flags in defiance of Russia’s ban on gay pride events. Right-winged activists were there to protest, throwing eggs and even beating them.

The gay activists also carried a massive flag in front of Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov’s office building. Luzhkov is known to be homophobic, claiming that gay pride events are “Satan’s work”.

A Step Backwards

This comes as a step backwards for Russia. Homosexuality in Russia had been illegal up until 1993, and the gay pride rally last month was held on the same date homosexuality was finally legalized.

We had the chance to contact a resident of Moscow, Katya Kolesova, who noted, “Homosexuality is constructed like an exaggerated secret and coming out is really exaggerated scandal…homosexuality is also viewed as really evil and harmful, so there is no information (sometimes there is even lack of negative information) in popular sources of information not to spread it.”

Breitbart.com has an informative article about these protests.

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