December 16, 2016

Q& A: Is A Five-Inch Erection Big Enough? Or Is It Too Small?

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Should I go shopping?

Should I go shopping?

Question: I’m 20, but my dick is like 5 inches when erect. It’s thick enough but it looks small to me. ls my penis size okay? Can you give me tips for increasing my size?

Although some surgeons will perform penis enlargement surgeries, they are not generally regarded as “safe and effective” by most major medical organizations. Further, at 5 inches long, you are about average length and most doctors probably wouldn’t recommend attempting a potentially risky surgery on a nice, healthy penis. After all, some men experience scar tissue or painful erections after such surgeries.

Only Connect

I’m guessing you want to increase your penis size because you worry that penis size is somehow connected to good sex. As it turns out, several research studies have looked at this issue and have found – time and again – that penis size is not that important to most people. More often, what makes for good sex is communication, closeness, and a sense of connection. Intimacy will get you a lot farther in bed than another inch or two.

Risk Vulnerability

How do you create intimacy then? Try getting to know people you’re interested in romantically and sexually. It’s fine to start with basic questions like where someone is from or whether they’re from a small or large family. However, make sure not to avoid the questions that make you feel vulnerable and close, questions about what you want out of life or how you each got through difficult times in life. When you’re actually having sex together, try looking in your partner’s eyes; keeping a little light on, like a lamp in the corner of the room, will make this easier. Check out books like Great in Bed, She Comes First, and The New Male Sexuality for tips on creating more satisfying, pleasurable sex for both you and your partner.