September 21, 2009

Finding My Voice! A New Blogger Enters The Scene…

New Kinsey Confidential blogger J. Bradley Blankenship introduces himself and prepares to start writing for Kinsey Confidential

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Hi everyone! My name is Bradley and I’m a new blogger for Kinsey Confidential. I’m currently finishing my Ph.D. at Indiana University in Higher Education.

Throughout my 6 years at IU, I have used the Kinsey Institute to study sexuality in college and university life.

Whether exploring the impact of Playboy on the college campus in the 1950s, documenting the realities of student sex workers, or some other project I’ve worked on, Kinsey (and specifically its library) have dominated a lot of my time while exploring the sexual side of college life! Coming from a background in education, it is my hope that I can provide new perspectives to our conversations on Kinsey Confidential.

My dissertation topic looks at how college men make meaning of themselves as sexual beings through the analysis of a series of sexual narratives donated to the Kinsey Institute.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION – I’m reading a bunch of sexual autobiographies written by college men and seeing what similarities and differences exist between them. Since I’m only beginning the analysis this summer, I’ll give periodic updates as I blog along.

Aside from reading the sexual stories of college students, some of my other sexuality-blog-writing credentials include a hodgepodge of sex research projects and the development and teaching of undergraduate courses like Hooking Up: Sex, Gender, and the College Campus and Collegiate Genders and Sexualities: Past, Present, and Future. Needless to say, like everyone else in sex research, I simply like to talk about sex.

Sex is EVERYWHERE and it’s fascinating! What better place to blog about sexuality and all the quirky ways we experience it than Kinsey Confidential!