April 6, 2009

Female Safer Sex Pack From The (UK) Lesbian & Gay Foundation

The UK organization The Lesbian and Gay Foundation recently announced the creation of a Female Safer Sex Pack for bisexual and lesbian women.

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The Lesbian and Gay Foundation out of the UK just released a statement announcing the creation and distribution of a Safer Sex Pack for lesbian and bisexual women. According to the press release:

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s groundbreaking work around women’s sexual health is set continue in 2009, with the launch of a lesbian and bisexual women’s safer sex pack and a reprint of Beating Around The Bush – their guide to sex and sexual health for women who have sex with women.

The free safer sex pack includes two water based lubes and sexual health information on sexually transmitted infections, Pap (cervical) smear tests and risky behavior. What it doesn’t seem to include are any sort of latex barriers. I wonder why?

It seems odd that a safer sex pack would not include any latex barriers, even male condoms which could be used by the bisexual women with male partners or by any women over a sex toy to increase the protection from STIs that can be transmitted through sharing sex toys.

Why not include a dental dam or two, especially considering the cost-prohibitive nature of them as a routine latex barrier? Dental dams can be used during any engagement with oral sex including anal play where other barrier methods are not available. You could even include non-latex gloves for using during manual sex.

I definitely applaud the Lesbian and Gay Foundation for reaching out to an overlooked segment of the LGBT community when it comes to reducing sexual risk behaviors and sexual health issues in general, but it seems like thier safer sex packets lack a few vital pieces.