March 19, 2009

Q&A: What Might Cause Fatigue The Day After Sex?

Forget about those stereotypes about men falling asleep after sex, what if sex was causing both partners to be extremely tired - even the day after sex?

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Question: My wife and I have sex once or twice a week. For the past few years, we’ve both been getting extremely tired after sex. It makes us feel as though we’re unable to carry out our daily work efficiently the next day. What can we do to overcome this?

Although there have been a few case reports of individuals who feel tired or lethargic after sex or masturbation, I’m not aware of any reports of couples feeling so dramatically tired after sex that they find it difficult to go about their daily routine.

Talk To A Healthcare Provider

If this is the case for you and your wife, I’d suggest meeting with a healthcare provider, who can examine you both for any medical conditions that might be at the root of your exhaustion, and possibly with a sex therapist who might be able to help you identify any other causes of your fatigue.

He or she might also be able to work with you to learn more about what your sex life is like, and possible make suggestions as to how you might modify your sex life to deal with these issues.

Age And Fatigue

It is certainly the case that both men and women, as they age, may feel tired more often and from a wide range of activities than when they are younger. Do you and your wife participate in other forms of exercise? If not, it may not be that it’s sex per sex that is making you feel fatigued.

Perhaps it’s just that it’s physical exertion, or exercise, that’s making you tired. If so, your healthcare provider or a physical therapist may be able to help guide you and your wife toward a fitness program that helps you both to feel more energetic and able to be sexual in ways that you desire, without feeling overly tired.

Nutritional needs change with age, too, and it may be that dietary modifications, as suggested by a registered dietician, will be helpful.

Hormonal Balances

Finally, you two both are likely experiencing shifts in your hormones. Sometimes women and men experience discreet periods of time in which their bodies are adjusting to these hormonal balances, and you may feel more easily fatigued in general for a while until you feel more adjusted.

In any case, I’d again recommend checking in with a healthcare provider any time that dramatic changes in sexual functioning are noticed, as sometimes they are signs of changes in health status.

  • James Lynn

    I too have exactly the same issue. It has persisted for several years(I am mid 50's male).

    I am not as active as I used to be but I still play many sports including Hockey which certainly gets my heart rate up. I am never tired after these sports, in fact I feel more energetic. In the past 2 yrs my blood sugar level has gone from mid 5's to 6.2.