March 14, 2012

Erotic Art Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors, Life, and Beauty

New art series celebrates the beauty of women’s whole bodies, telling stories of breast cancer survival, healing, and sexual liberation.

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"I Still Love You," from The Breast Cancer Series--An Erotic Love Story

"I Still Love You," from The Breast Cancer Series--An Erotic Love Story

Artist Toni Barca has created a series of linocuts on the subject of breast cancer survival, recovery, and acceptance. Entitled The Breast Cancer Series—An Erotic Love Story, her work celebrates the beauty of women’s whole bodies, including the scars, embracing the beauty of the survival stories that they tell.

“Erotic images are key in helping women and their men heal and come together again as lovers…too many women need to know that they are not alone. That these sexual images of love and healing are here for them,” Barca explains.

Barca’s work examines the profound feelings of loss that result from a mastectomy, both for the woman and her partner. Featuring images of breast cancer survivors, shedding tears over their mastectomy scars, being accepted by lovers, and empowering themselves, The Breast Cancer Series presents images of female bodies and breasts, celebrating the marks on a woman’s body that show her history as facets of greater feminine beauty and wholeness.

For more information on recovering sexuality and sexual relationships after breast cancer, please visit Sexy After Cancer.

Burke Denning is an MPH student at Indiana University, and is currently interning at the Kinsey Institute. Her studies are centered around the promotion of holistic sexual health and education that seeks to improve quality of life, and expands beyond the prevention and treatment of disease, dysfunction and unintended pregnancy.