February 6, 2009

Debriefing Post-Presentation And A Bonus Sex Map

Natalie debriefs about her sexual health outreach presentations from the last few weeks and ends the post with a fun, interactive sex map.

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This week was my introduction to sexuality education presentations on campus with the overwhelmingly informed and fun Dr. Debby (who also gave me a lovely shout out on her earlier blog about anal sex) and I have to say it went better than expected.

The first presentation might have had some flow issues, entirely my fault I think; it’s been a while since I did non-class related public speaking. The two crowds were very fun, interactive and had some great questions in comments that were helpful for me as a presenter and hopefully they learned a thing or two about merkins and personal ad codes.

The Kinsey Confidential presentations can vary widely from sex trivia like we did last night to the sex and relationships talk next week to a lot of things in between and outside those topic areas.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that we can’t know everything about sex, no one does! There are a lot of really quality sex experts and researchers out there who have made a career of trying to find out though.

I’m pretty lucky that I get to be surrounded by those individuals on a daily basis and get inspired by their passion for research and answering some hard questions as well as get frustrated right alongside them when the research process takes too long or doesn’t answer the questions we really wanted to ask.

What a fun time to be involved in sex research!

My favorite find for this week was this poster of the Map of Human Sexuality by Franklin Veaux.

I already pre-ordered one for myself (he’s waiting to get enough pre-orders to pay for the first round of printing, gotta love supporting independent artists!).

Check out the interactive version of the map where you can place pins on the “places” you’ve tried or want to experience.