February 27, 2014

Q&A: Will My Curved Penis Hurt My Partners?

While a curved penis can get in the way of sex for some people, having a curved penis is a turn-on and an added bonus for others!

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neon sign that says slight curve

neon sign that says slight curve

Question: My penis is 90 degrees when erect, with a slight curve downwards. My doubt is regarding using different sex positions: if I use doggy style, will it hurt since my curvature is downwards? Also, what about in reverse cowgirl?

Just as there is lots of diversity when it comes to female genitals, there are also many different shapes and sizes to the male penis.

Curves Are Common

It is common for men to have some degree of curvature to their penis.

Typically this is not a problem unless the curve appears to worsen or if the curve is extreme enough that it interferes with a man’s ability to have intercourse with a partner, assuming he wants to do so.

Find The Right Fit

Of course, even without a slight curve to a man’s penis, some positions will work out better for some people than others.

That’s just the nature of how two people’s bodies fit together.

Some women, for example, have a uterus that is situated in such a way that they prefer certain sex positions more than others.

Also, it’s the case that people with a tight genital fit—for example, a man who has a larger than average penis and a partner who feels limited in their ability to accept a large penis into his or her vagina or anus—may prefer positions that aren’t so deep or that allow the receptive partner more control over penetration.

This is all to say that the positions a couple enjoys are always unique to that couple.

You may find rear entry—which is also called doggy style—to be comfortable and pleasurable sometimes but not others. Your partner can tilt her or his hips in a way to accommodate your penis. The same is true for reverse cowgirl.

 Curves Can Be Fun

And while a curved penis can get in the way of sex for some people, having a curved penis is a turn-on and an added bonus for others!

In fact, as I was sitting down to write an answer to your question, I asked my Twitter followers which Kinsey Confidential question I should answer first and I listed several broad topics, including that there was a question about a curved penis.

One of my Twitter followers quickly wrote, “curved penis, because those are fun” and when I asked her to say more she added that “curvy penises are awesome”. And she’s not the only woman to feel that way! (You, too, can engage with me about sex questions by following me on Twitter @DebbyHerbenick ).

A number of women enjoy having sex with a man who has a curved penis and often especially if he uses it in a way to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, which is the area also described as the G Spot.

Pleasurable sex often requires partners to be flexible and creative in their approach.

For example, there is more than one way to engage in rear entry.

Sometimes the receptive partner is on all fours with their back straight like a table. Other times they stay on all fours and then tilt their back so that their face is rested on pillows or on the bed.

Other times people start in the table position and then slink down on the bed so that they are laying one on top of the other. One or more of these might work better than others.

To learn more about sex positions, check out Great in Bed.

All that said, if you feel like your curvature is extreme or if it bothers you, check in with a urologist.

Some men have a condition called Peyronie’s disease that can result in significant curvature to their penis and many men can be successfully treated.

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